Travel Buddy

The assignment was to think of a product that train travelers can use to make their ride more attractive, more comfortable or more personal.

Target group

The target group of this project are the people that use The Dutch railway to travel. People that love to travel with friends and family. 

Idea phase

Sometimes it is fast and efficient to write the ideas down with words when you first start of generating ideas. With the use of post-its, lots of ideas were created.

Shape sketches

The Travel Buddy was only defined by text, so it needed to get a shape. The idea was to create a simple keychain that could tell information about your travels. For the shape I started to create collages for the shapes and colors.

Concept phase

After the shape sketches, I had to choose what shape I wanted to use in the design. The final shape is a keychain that you also could wear as if it was a watch.

Final Concept
The main goal of the project was to create a new and comfortable way to travel. The Travel Buddy will help you navigate, check if friends are nearby and check if there are any seats unoccupied.
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